Bagumbayan Intramuros Soliloquy

Rizal died in Bagumbayan.
Before him Gomez, Burgos and Zamora
And before them, Sulayman.
Bagumbayan, the new country,
Rizal never saw it but he meant for us to see it and to build it.

And if it is to be, it must be up to us.
But have we changed our attitudes about ourselves and our country?
Or are we still mired in our envies and insecurities?
Bagumbayan is not a place,
It is an attitude. It is us.

We must define and draw a picture of
what we must be.
We must learn from Rizal.
As we step out of these halls,
We are now above the walls of oppression of our colonial past.

The walls of victimization no longer exist.
No more walls to block our vision of our great future.
It is time to become horizon chasers once again,
To have faith in ourselves and in our fellow Filipinos.
It is time for action, change and solidarity.

Let us be worthy of Rizal and our new country.
Let us create a society that is enabled, ennobled and free.
Let us build our Bagumbayan around our hearts around our souls.